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Meet wheat. pray. love.

The plant-based protein source made from vital wheat gluten

wheat. pray. love is an Amsterdam-based company dedicated to creating and sharing the perfect seitan. Seitan - pronounced "say-tan"- is a vegan meat substitute made from wheat. Yes, wheat!


When wheat flour is rinsed with water, the starches are washed away, leaving the gluten. Mixing the gluten with wet ingredients turns it into a sticky, gum-like substance. When processed correctly, it takes on a meat-like texture and neutral flavor, perfect for veganizing your favorite dishes.


wheat. pray. love. seitan is an excellent source of dietary protein, due to the fact that it contains all nine essential amino acids. And guess what? 30% of our seitan is pure, plant protein. Compared to chicken at 27%, and beef at 26%, seitan is surely king of the castle.

Its versatility allows home chefs, restaurateurs, and everybody in between to give it their own spin, and perhaps cater to guests who are demanding more plant-based foods, more often.

  recipe ideas

Seitan shoarma

Seitan shoarma

The ultimate late night snack: shoarma! Cut our shoarma seitan into strips, pan fry, and smother them in garlic.

Seitan saté with peanut sauce

Seitan saté with peanut sauce

This Indonesian classic is powered by plants: dice, skewer, marinade and grill our classic seitan for a taste of Java. Selamat makan!

Seitan charcuterie spread

Seitan charcuterie spread

What goes better with a glass of beer or wine than a charcuterie spread? We are drawing a blank! Experiment with our different seitan flavours, vegan cheeses and delicious dips.

Seitan BLT

Seitan BLT

Or should we say "SLT"? Because this sandwich is bacon free! It gets its flavour from thinly sliced, smokey seitan. Vegan cold cuts FTW!

Seitan burgers

Seitan burgers

Juicy, firm and hopelessly messy: that's how we like our burgers! Slice your own patty to perfection and build that dream burger.

Seitan BBQ skewers

Seitan BBQ skewers

Throw another shrimp on the barbie! And by 'shrimp', we mean a deliciously meaty seitan skewer. We can eat a ton of these! And we do... on a regular basis.

Salad with seitan 'bacon bits'

Salad with seitan 'bacon bits'

Create this flavourful salad with our smokey seitan, vegan feta, and your favorite leafy greens.

Seitan currywurst

Seitan currywurst

Comforting Deutsche Currywurst... this one's easy as eins-zwei-drei! Just dice up our curry seitan, cascade on the curry sauce and add some extra-hot chili powder if you're feeling reckless.

About us

It was back in 2016 when we met and became the best of friends. We embarked on a plant-based journey together, and on the way discovered this epic thing called seitan. Making it ourselves was a process of trial and error.

However, after 3 years of perfecting our seitan-crafting skills, we are finally happy with the result and want to share.


And so was born, wheat. pray. love!

Our mission is to simplify plant-based cooking and to hopefully inspire others to eat more plants, The ultimate goal is to create a better world collectively, for all animals, human and non-human alike. Changing our eating patterns would be a huge step in the right direction.

With wheat. pray. love seitan, we invite you to explore the wonders of vegan cuisine. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!

With love,

Joey & Sherilyn

Joey & Sherilyn | wheat. pray. love.
Meet wheat pray love
Why wheat pray love?

why wheat. pray. love.

It's good for...

the animals.

We are creatures of habit, and we have been taught that eating meat is something we need to do. To accommodate this habit, we slaughter nearly 70 billion land animals worldwide, per year. In the Netherlands, for example, we kill 1.5 million animals, per day. We can reduce these figures by eating plant-based foods. By replacing the meat on your plate with seitan, you are contributing to a better world for our furry, scaly or feathery friends.

the planet.

More and more people are changing their eating habits for the sake of the environment. The animal-based product industry is a massive contributor to the current climate problems. By eating less animal-based products and more plants, we can relieve the pressure we exert on our planet.

your body.

Seitan is a protein bomb without any of the nasty components found in animal protein sources, such as cholesterol, heme iron, and excessive amounts of saturated fats. The consumption of animal-based products has been linked to a variety of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. In addition, our seitan blocks are free of E-numbers, high in fiber,  and have less salt than other pre-packaged meat substitutes.

your tastebuds.

We might be biased, but we find our seitan to have awesome flavor! The texture is pleasant as well. Store-bought seitan is often quite rubbery. Wheat. pray. love. has a more "meaty" consistency and works well in a plethora of recipes. 

your wallet.

Wheat uses far less water and land than meat and dairy, and can be sourced locally, making it a relatively cheap base ingredient. As a result, we are able to keep our prices low. Basically, you would pay about the same amount for a kilo of "free range"chicken as you would for a kilo of our classic seitan! Plant-based food doesn't have to be expensive!

Our products

Retail & B2b 

Our seitan is available to home chefs and to professionals in the food and beverage industry looking for a delicious and affordable way to add vegan options to the daily menu.

Seitan for home chefs
seitan at home
Seitan for professional use
seitan for professionals

Our products

seitan For homecooking

Veganize your favorite dishes
Our wheat. pray. love. seitan blocks are ready to be sliced, ground up, diced, or chopped; whatever your recipe calls for! Easily create plant-based meals, based on childhood and classic favorites. Available in four flavors.

Ready to heat

delish vegan food in a snap
If you crave convenience, we've got just the thing! Our ready-to-heat products are precooked and good to go. Try our seitan saté, gyros, smokey 'fair ribs' or tuck into Indonesian classics, like rendang and 'babi' ketjap. 

Vegan sauces

Zhush Up Any Dish With These Dips

Sauce makes everything better. And vegan sauce makes it best! We have your vegan condiments in store, ready and willing to pimp up your plant-based meal.



wheat. pray. love. testimonial | Daniel B. Horninge

Daniel Brand Horninge

owner cafe broer

“The seitan burgers are flavourful, healthy and add a nice, conscious option to our menu.”

wheat. pray. love. testimonial | Renze Hilverda

Renze Hilverda

cruelty-free food lover

“Joey & Sherilyn know how to make tasty plant-power burgers!”

wheat. pray. love. testimonial | Jitske Serné

Jitske Serné

veggie lover

“My quest for the perfect seitan is over - finally I have found it! You can tell it's made with love and attention. And that at a fair price.”


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Let us get in touch with you!

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business hours/contact
business hours

monday through friday | 10.00 - 16.00

gyroscoopweg 23a, 1042 AC amsterdam


+31 (0) 629482345

Our partners

Our partners

Many thanks to our "partners in crime", who are all supporting the shift to a plant-based food system, each in their own way. 

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