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seitan & jackfruit rendang

Indo food is our absolute favourite! As kids, we were both spoilt by grandma's authentic Indonesian foods. Family get-togethers were the best: the table and kitchen counter tops would be packed with delicious dishes. The one that always had us going back for seconds: rendang! Vegan rendang is all over the place nowadays, and with good reason: It's fantastically flavourful. It's usually made with jackfruit instead of beef, but we add our seitan to the mix, just to give it a bit more bite and protein.

Important to know: We use Nature's Charm coconut milk and jackfruit for our rendang. Nature's Charm is run by two vegan sisters, and the brand therefore strongly opposes the use of monkeys in the picking of their coconuts. You can rest assured that your rendang is monkey-labour free.




Weight: 450g


Ingredients and nutritional value

seitan & jackfruit rendang

  • If you are unhappy with the quality of our product, please let us know. If your seitan is sub par, for whatever reason, we will issue a full refund.

  • Delivery in the Amsterdam area only... Pickup, however, is always a possibility!


    We deliver our seitan by electric scooter, and are still a "mom & pop" style business, so we have limited reach. We apologize if you are too far away to benefit from our delivery service. Pickup, however, is always a possibility! Contact us directly for details. 


    Delivery is free with orders > €30, otherwise there is a €2 surcharge.