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The wheat. pray. love. product range

Looking to level up your recipe-veganizing game? Well, we can help! Did you know that seitan is an excellent replacement for that tired and out-of-date hunk of meat used in your favorite dish? Seitan is natural, nutritious, satiating, and just plain delicious! In addition, by swapping the meat for seitan, you are doing our planet and the billions of animals that suffer in our food system, an enormous favor. With a few easy tweaks and substitutions, we definitely can do better!

Get your hands on our goodies—seitan blocks for home cooking and our ready-to-heat proteins—and let your veganizing-freak-flag fly!



Our wheat. pray. love. classic seitan is the perfect plant protein to use in all your favorite dishes. Slice it, dice it, batter and deep fry it. Marinade it, pan sear it, and drizzle on your favorite sauce. The sky's the limit with this one! 

seitan blocks


Our smokey seitan block has a sweet smokey flavor and will transport your senses to a summer BBQ in the park. Perfect for grilling and building a burger stack that even meat eaters will love.



We love the spices that go into a good shoarma, so we have jazzed up our seitan with our own blend of middle eastern flavors. Easily cut into strips and stuffed in a freshly baked pita, or simply sliced into burger patties. Or... eaten straight from the fridge when no one is looking. 


Jackfruit is becoming quite a popular alternative to meat. As it should! It's perfect for dishes that call for shredded meat or fish, because it looks exactly like it. In fact, we were a bit sceptic the first time we were served a jackfruit dish. To waiter: "Are you absolutely—absolutely—sure this isn't meat?!"


Nowadays, we love it and eat it all the time, but we do feel it is missing a bit of texture. We flipped the script and created our seitan-jackfruit block, a hearty mix of classic seitan and green jackfruit. The jackfruit gives the seitan a lighter texture, perfect for protein-rich stews, pulled sandwiches and fluffy strir-fries.



Remember, way back, when mom didn't feel like cooking, and you had to resort to ready-to-eat packets of satay from the freezer, with a bread roll on the side? Well, we created our own version of this Dutch-Indonesian childhood staple, but from seitan! With both of us having roots in Java, we felt compelled to do so. We used our classic seitan as the base and spruced it up with a marinade of sesame, home-made ketjap manis and garlic. We then grill the skewers and vacuum pack them with a nice portion of our authentic peanut sauce. 


Serving suggestion: you will 100% want to add crunchy fried onions and some cassava chips!

Italian Neatballs

Our version of meatballs! Made from seitan and boasting Italian flavours, these "meat" balls are sure to get anyone in a Mediterranean mood. Upgrade your pasta, make a protein-loaded neatball sub, or just fry them up and serve them alongside a nice Chianti. Hannibal Lecter would approve.

joe sher burger.jpg

image underway!

Serving suggestion: fry 'em up in a bit of oil first: get that crunchiness on! Then add to simple homemade tomato sauce.

joe sher burger.jpg

image underway!

seitan-jack burger

Juicy, meaty, a bit smokey, and more than delicious enough to please any beef burger lover. We promise! Stack these bad boys between your favorite type of bun, pile on the veggies, condiments and vegan cheese, and indulge in a guilt-free, fast food frenzy. 

Serving suggestion: kick the flavors up a notch and glaze your burger before you start building. Did somebody say teriyaki??

seitan & jackfruit gyros

Greek food is known to pack a flavourful punch! Our vegan gyros is a lover though, not a fighter. We left the meat behind and use a peaceful base of jackfruit and seitan, spruced up with savoury Greek herbs and spices. These tender little bits of plant protein will proudly puff up any pita. Drizzle a bit of vegan garlic sauce on top and you're good to go. 


Serving suggestion: gyros + bread = delish, of course. But why not top a pizza or create a bomb plate of loaded fries?


seitan 'babi' ketjap

This is our take on traditional 'babi ketjap', a type of Indonesian stew. 'Babi' means 'pig' or 'pork' in Indonesian. We leave the little piggies to have fun in the mud and use our classic seitan instead. This dish is made with our home-made ketjap manis, shallots, bay leaf, red chilli, and tons of ginger and garlic! It's reduced until it becomes nice and sticky.

Serving suggestion: Serve this over plain white rice, add a sweet & sour cucumber salad and LIVE! Works perfectly in a bao bun too!

seitan & jackfruit rendang

Indo food is our absolute favourite! As kids, we were both spoilt by grandma's authentic Indonesian foods. Family get-togethers were the best: the table and kitchen counter tops would be packed with delicious dishes. The one that always had us going back for seconds: rendang! Vegan rendang is all over the place nowadays, and with good reason: It's fantastically flavourful. It's usually made with jackfruit instead of beef, but we add our seitan to the mix, just to give it a bit more bite and protein.


Important to know: We use Nature's Charm coconut milk and jackfruit for our rendang. Nature's Charm is run by two vegan sisters, and the brand therefore strongly opposes the use of monkeys in the picking of their coconuts. You can rest assured that your rendang is monkey-labour free.

Serving suggestion: Great on rice (obviously), but also very tasty in a wrap or in a grilled sandwich with some extra sambal!

Serving suggestion: check out our vegan sauces and take your fair ribs to the next level. Our favorite: the garlic sauce. And lots of it.


fair ribs

Spare ribs, heck no! How about fair ribs tho'? Made from our smokey seitan and green jackfruit, these ribs are boneless and BBQ-ready. The rib rack is pre-marinated in our soy & sesame marinade. Just pop it on the grill, in the oven or even in a frying pan and warm both sides for approximately 5 minutes. At the 4-minute mark (both sides), baste the rack with your choice of rib sauce and let it caramelize for a minute or so. Baste once more before serving and enjoy sticky ribs like it's nobody's business. This rib rack will serve 1-2 hungry bellies.

Serving suggestion: have a look at our vegan sauces! What's a BBQ without at least one bucket of garlic sauce?! We also recommend the peanut sauce to coat your BBQ skewers in.

vegan BBQ pack

Attending a family or neighborhood BBQ while sticking to a plant-based meal plan can be quite discouraging. Most likely, you will be munching on veggie skewers until you can veggie-skewer no more. Don't get us wrong, we love veggies, but sometimes you want a little more oomph. Our BBQ pack aims to please: a royal amount of grill-able, plant-based protein to fill at least two hungry bellies!


The pack contains: one marinated spare ribs rack, made from seitan and jackfruit (450g), or as we like to call them: fair ribs  ||  two smokey BBQ burger patties (125g)  ||  one portion of BBQ skewers, marinaded in soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil (3 skewers, 40g each). Sauces not included.


satay sauce

We make our own peanut sauce from scratch. Peanuts, home-made ketjap manis, fresh ginger, lime leaves, onions, garlic and a handful of red chillies. Adoe, pedis! (Or as we say in English: "Wowsers, that's hot!")

vegan sauces

garlic sauce

One sauce to rule them all! This vegan garlic sauce goes with just about everything. Gyros, shoarma, salads, pizza, burgers...  You name it and this sauce will elevate it!


sweet & spicy gochujang

Spicy? ...check! Sweet? ...check! Savoury? ...check! Our sweet & spicy gochujang sauce hits all the flavour zones. Gochujang is a traditional Korean condiment made from fermented red chilli paste. We use this paste as a base, and add in some extra sweet and fiery elements for extra zinggg.

indo-style marinade

If you want to give your seitan skewers, portobellos, or eggplant slices a bit of flavourful , Indonesian flair, you could try our indo-style marinade, made with sesame oil, our home-made ketjap manis, ginger root, garlic, coriander and cumin.

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